I have written eight full novels and a good number of short stories and scraps of experimental fiction. I am no longer publishing fiction under my usual name, for a variety of reasons.

I previously published the following books:

Oliver Lucas Adventures
The Staff of Moses
The Eye of Odin
The Diamond of Souls
Words of Power
Words of Binding

Science Fiction Novels
Burning in the Void
Dyson’s Angel
A Cold Day to Drown

You can still find my books on Amazon, but over time they will be transitioned to my pen name… (Otto Linke) which is still legally my name, but isn’t a name that I use for my teaching work. All future novels will be published under that name.

And, yes… I still owe you all a sequel to Dyson’s Angel. I swear I will finish it soon. I also still want to do a massive revision of the Oliver Lucas Adventures and release them as an omnibus edition.