Fallen Angels

Here’s an excerpt from my first draft of Oliver Lucas Adventure #5. Please do remember that this is a very rough first …


    Hank gives a great overview of the problem without going overboard. I truly believe in the importance of sharing things. We … → November 14, 2015

Opening of OLA 5

Opening Scene

I guess I’m officially writing Oliver Lucas book 5 now. Finished the first thousand words on Tuesday night and, while it took …


Favorite newly found podcast of the year: Unjustly Maligned. Fans of derided pop culture defend it, often eloquently. → November 9, 2015


The Next Project

NaNoWriMo has started up and I’m woefully unprepared. It’s not that I am short on ideas, but that my brain is fried …


The Blacklight

One element of my writing that I’ve alluded to, but don’t think I’ve directly addressed, is just how therapeutic it can be. …