Book and computer

Self Publishing Print Books

A friend asked me this morning for a tutorial on self publishing printed books. I briefly considered replying to the text, but …

Mission Timer Screenshot

RPG Mission Timer

This afternoon I spent a few minutes writing a very simple Mission Timer for tabletop RPG games. I’m going to be running …

dyson's angel outline 7-9-15

Outlining Dyson’s Angel

I’ve made a good bit of progress on writing this week. Despite the post title, most of my efforts have gone towards … screenshot


Was doing some domain name searching and came across this: Not only would I love to snag that domain (unlikely, this …

Diamond of Souls Teaser Banner

The Diamond of Souls

It’s been months since relic hunter Oliver Lucas has been able to so much as explore an ancient temple. The uneasy truce …

Eye of Odin Teaser Banner

The Eye of Odin

“This book was hard to put down and I can’t really imagine anyone not enjoying it.” –Aspiring Joy Reviews. Maverick treasure hunter …

The Steampunk Alliance of Eastern Virginia had some great work on display. I need to try and find them again at another Con and get a peek inside the TARDIS. Also (hard to see in this photo, right beside TARDIS) they had a nice steampunk computer.

Tidewater Comicon Day Two

It’s been a while since Tidewater Comicon closed, but I’ve been really busy for the last month, so I’m playing a bit of catchup …