99¢ Sale

Everything I have written is currently on sale for only 99¢ over on This is a great chance to try out that …

Eastward Dragons Cover

Eastward Dragons: Episode 1

Back in September, I started writing a serial fantasy adventure story that I had outlined over the summer. Set in Lashim, the …

British Museum Flood Tablet

Drafted: Words of Binding

After nearly five months work, I’ve finished the first draft of another novel. My fifth. Tentatively titled Words of Binding, this is the …

Chess Challenge Cards (v0.1)

Chess Challenge Cards

I created these cards for the kids in the chess club that I run. Many of them keep playing with the strategy …

Splat Calculator

Useful for calculating the speed of something (or someone) that is falling.

spirited away 2

Spirited Away

Cecilee and I are in the midst of our latest movie project, this one an effort to catch up on films that …