Part 7: In the Tavern

Continuing to post episodes of To the Dragon Peaks on my Patreon page. Read the whole first draft for free in weekly …

Looking for Group (games)

Several months ago Cecilee and I got a PlayStation 2 at a thrift store. It was a good deal. All told, we’ve …


Audiobook reviews. I occasionally write for them.

Discover Teas

A great place to drink tea if you happen to be in the Hampton Roads area.

Cecilee Linke

My wife is also a writer… and a musician… and quite the seamstress. Check out all her work over at  

A deeply insightful review from a pleased reader.

Thanks for Reading!

It’s one of the prime rules of the internet, right of there with Wheaton’s Law and Scalzi’s maxim of BANHAMMER, but I …

Behind the Curtain: Episode 2

I’ve posted a synopsis of my plans for Episode 2 of To the Dragon Peaks to my Patreon page. Great chance to get …