What I Want in a Social Network

Have been addressing an inordinate amount of my background processing task thread recently to determining what, if anything, I want to get …

Character Progression

:Cecilee: spent much of the summer playing through Final Fantasy X, which got me thinking about characters progressing without fixed classes in an …

Part 7: In the Tavern

Continuing to post episodes of To the Dragon Peaks on my Patreon page. Read the whole first draft for free in weekly …


Audiobook reviews. I occasionally write for them. http://www.sffaudio.com/

Discover Teas

A great place to drink tea if you happen to be in the Hampton Roads area. http://www.discoverteas.com

Cecilee Linke

My wife is also a writer… and a musician… and quite the seamstress. Check out all her work over at http://www.Cecilee.net